Monday, July 10, 2006

Miliband, an idea and Wiwa's new post

Rumours that the youthful David Milliband is being considered by the Blairites as a replacement for beleaguered hapless John Prescott. The idea is that he will fend off any potential disloyal Labour candidates or people from Gordon Brown's camp which could potentially weaken Blair.....

I'm instinctively distrustful of Blairites, as I am of most ideologues and yet there's something about the idea that's attractive. Labour needs someone young and fresh if they are to counter Cameron with his "hug-a hoodie" and "intelligently planned immigration is good for us" and "hey look I cycle to work" messages.....

It's sad but true, that in modern politics, image is pretty much half the battle won, and for all that Labour may snipe about Cameron's "content-free" policies, it's largely his image that's propelling his ascent in the polls. Gordon Brown will never be a match but perhaps a smart young Deputy might help. It doesn't have to be Milliband- just someone young, smart, articulate and media-friendly.......dare the Labour party think radical?

Meanwhile I see Ken Wiwa has joined the Nigerian government as a special assistant to the President on conflict resolution. I hope it all works out for him, that he isn't just being used to buy credibility.Plus, is he ready for the cut and thrust of Nigerian politics? I wonder what his uncle Owen who was long involved in the Ogoni struggle (before fleeing into exile in Canada) thinks.

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