Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This blog thing is even more difficult than I imagined

Here I am, back again...many days after my last post. I had obviously misunderestimated (to paraphrase Dubya) how much effort it takes to keep a blog going.

I actually had one e mail from someone who said they had enjoyed the previous posts (which was very encouraging), and it's largely because of that one person that I feel I ought to drop a few more lines.

So what's new? The weather in my part of the United Kingdom has turned in the past week, that night time chill that presages the autumn and winter has appeared and I have begun to shiver in my flimsy summer shirts....

I have generally found the winter less harsh than I had expected, perhaps because I was prepared for the worst by the time that I arrived in the UK. Other Nigerian friends complain about how dreary the weather is but four years on I, used to scorching sun, am still relishing the difference and am fascinated by darkness falling in the middle of the day pretty much....

One thing that bugs me though is the wahala (Nigerian pidgin for trouble) that goes with winter dressing. I'll soon have to dig out my warm coat, the gloves, the hat and the scarf from where I stored them at the onset of summer. And that's the problem. I wouldn't mind if , once I had wrapped myself in these many items of clothing, I left them on and went about my business, but no. You enter a house or an office and immediately you are too warm and so you strip off your outer gear and feel better. And then your meeting or social visit is over and then you put it all back on as you step back into the freezing cold outside. Then you arrive at your next destination, which again is nicely heated, so you divest yourself again of your gear. This constant putting on and taking off and putting on and taking off is one of the big downsides of winter as far as I'm concerned..... Perhaps we should just abolish central heating and go about our business permanently wrapped up till the summer when we can throw it all off again. We'd save lots of energy too.....very green

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Jeremy said...

pele. the winters in the UK are much milder than when I was a kid - it used to go way below zero every winter. I hear it's going to be a cold one this year. The best thing to do is not move around very much and make the most of being inside - hot stews, mulled wine, real fires (if chimney permits), watch dvd's or play games.