Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Abani's Graceland Longlisted for the Impac Award

Chris Abani's Graceland which was on my contemporary Nigerian literature reading list has been longlisted for the IMPAC Dublin Literary award. The only other African writer on the shortlist of 132 books is Bananuka Jocelyn Ekochu, a Ugandan woman writer who works for Femwrite, the Ugandan women writers' group.

Her book, Shock waves Across the Ocean was nominated by the National Library of Uganda while Graceland was nominated by the Stockholm Public Library............... The list of nominated books is quite eclectic, probably as a result of the nomination process which allows only libraries in major cities of the world to nominate works that they judge to be of high literary value......Nigerian libraries should get into the nomination process- it may be one way of exposing Nigerian authors to a wider audience


Jeremy said...

My wife Bibi is currently reading Graceland - she's glued to it. It looks like there is major talent brewing..

sokari said...

He deserves it - if you want to know the underbelly of Lagos (Nigeria) its hear - he is just a great writer all round.