Wednesday, November 23, 2005

And a dash of good old Naija machismo!

The legislators in Bayelsa State who are plotting to impeach the money laundering, bail-jumping "Governor" Al;amieyeseigha seem particularly piqued by his cross-dressing disguise that helped him escape the long arm of British law. In their words:

"A governor who disguised himself as a woman to run away from justice in London should not be our governor. It is a slap on our collective dignity as a people and our sensibilities as a people."

On a day that saw Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf formally declared Africa's first female elected head of state, it was "refreshing" to see a dash of good ol' Naija machismo.

I wonder what they would make of my English male colleagues penchant for dressing in fish-net tights and colorful wigs for charity as they did for the Children in Need Appeal last week....

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